WSJU Radio Discusses Season Schedule

Dave Krupinski is a guest on the Word of Mouth show on WSJU Radio discussing the 2009-2010 St. John's Basketball schedule. What will St. John's do this season? Out of conference schedule? Games to watch? Find out! … [Read more...]

Jungle on WSJU Radio

WSJU Radio has Dave Krupinski as a guest on their show, Word of Mouth, to talk a little St. John's basketball. Here is a clip of the segment. You can listen to the whole show at WSJU Radio … [Read more...]

Jungle Radio Returns

Jungle Radio makes its triumphant return to the site after a long hiatus. Greg Cummings joins the team as co-host with Dave Krupinski. The first episode is a brief preview of what to come for the season. The guys talk about the new mascot Thunderbird, Canada, and Anthony Mason Jr. … [Read more...]

6th Broadcast

Dave and Matt return to the booth after being off the air for nearly a month. We figured out that Jungle Radio is the riding factor in the success of the program. Any time we do a broadcast we go on a winning streak and when we’re off we lose and lose terribly so we’re back! Dave and Matt discuss the latest games of Cincinnati and Villanova and what went wrong. They also take a look at the Big East posing the questions who makes the Big East Tourney as well as how many Big East teams make the NCAA Tournament. Closing the show with a look around the country at college basketball giving you an update on the Weekly Predictions contest as well as giving you their picks for the week. … [Read more...]

5th Broadcast

Dave and Matt return to the booth after a 12 game hiatus. Dave and Matt had plenty to get off their chest. I apologize the lack of music on this as I’m still regathering my collection from the computer crash. Next week we’ll have the full bag of tricks and more organized format. In this broadcast Matt and Dave give you their take on St. John’s progression through the season as well as their Big East Power Rankings and Weekly Predictions. Matt and Dave go into the National scene and give you their best 4 teams in the country to date. … [Read more...]

4th Broadcast

Dave and Matt preview the Niagara game talking about the troublesome Charron Fisher and the answers to keeping him contained. Dave and Matt look deeply into the Big East this episode taking a look into the crumbled Louisville team and the teams in the middle of the pack. Is the Big East the best Conference in the Nation? What are the latest Power Rankings? Then moving onto the nation’s top 25 and going into the predictions for the week. Can Dave stay undefeated? Can Matt play catch up? Listen Now. … [Read more...]

3rd Broadcast

In the Third Episode of Jungle Radio, Dave and Matt recap the win against Long Island University and the most recent game against Miami which was the first loss of the season for the young Red Storm. In addition to talking St. John’s Basketball, the duo talks about what’s happening around the Big East including their weekly power rankings. After this Dave and Matt take a look into what’s going around the country in college hoops providing their expert predictions and giving you a good outlook for the week on what games are must sees. … [Read more...]

2nd Broadcast

Second broadcast of Jungle Radio along side with Dave Krupinski and Matt Pascone. Talk about the past two games as well as the two upcoming games this week. A look around the Big East, including power rankings and where St. John’s fits in. … [Read more...]