NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Recruiting Calendar

August 1, 2010 through July 31, 2011
(See NCAA Division I Bylaw 13.17.2 for men’s basketball calendar formula)

The dates in this calendar reflect the application of Bylaw 13.17 at the time of publication of this manual but are subject to change per Constitution or if certain dates change (e.g., National Letter of Intent signing dates) are altered.

Note: All live evaluations during the academic year shall be limited to regularly scheduled high school, preparatory school and two-year college contests/tournaments, practices and regular scholastic activities involving student-athletes enrolled only at that institution:

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(A)August 1 through September 8, 2010:Quiet
(B)September 9 through October 5, 2010:Contact
(C)October 6, 2010 through March 30, 2011, [except for (1), (2) and (3) below]:Evaluation
(1)November 8-11, 2010:Dead
(2)December 24-26, 2010:Dead
(3)March 16-22, 2011:Contact
(D)March 31 through April 7, 2011, (noon):Dead
(E)April 7 (noon) - 20, 2011, [except for (1) below]:Contact
(1)April 11-14, 2011:Dead
(F)April 21 through July 5, 2011, [except for (1)below]:Quiet
(1)May 19-27, 2011, [except for (i) below]:Dead
(i)To be determined (NBA pre-draft camp only):Evaluation
(G)July 6-15, 2011:Evaluation
(H)July 16-21, 2011, [except for (1) below]:Dead
(1)It is permissible for an institution to have contact with a prospect who is enrolled in the institution's summer term (i.e., summer session or summer bridge program) and has signed a National Letter of Intent or other written commitment to attend the institution. (Adopted: 4/25/02)
(I)July 22-31, 2011:Evaluation

This information comes from the NCAA.