Who is Nurideen Lindsey?

At one point in his high school career at Overbrook High School in West Philly, he was on pace to threaten Wilt Chamberlain’s points scored record. Since foregoing his commitment to LaSalle, Nurideen Lindsey has taken his talents to a Junior College in Oklahoma and in turn, has fallen off the recruiting map.

You probably haven’t heard Lindsey’s name in a while. But he is hard at work getting ready for Division 1 college basketball.

Nurideen Lindsay was once the center of attention in Philadelphia. (pictured holding ball front center)

Lindsey is a long 6’3 point guard whose biggest strength is his ability to score. Anyone who can be put in the same breath as Wilt Chamberlain in scoring must be worth mentioning.

Currently the prospective point guard is knee deep in the process of being recruited and says it’s been “interesting, I’ve met a lot of great people in this process.”

St. John’s has kicked around the idea of recruiting Lindsey. He is one of their targets for the 2011 class, which has plenty of vacancies. The fact that he plays point guard,  a glaring area of concern for the Red Storm in the 2011 class, makes Lindsey an interesting recruiting candidate.

Lindsey understands that he has faded off the radar of some schools; that isn’t a concern to him. “I’ve just been working hard, and staying humble,” said Lindsey. “I obviously realized that people have forgotten about me but that never was a issue with me. I’ve just been waiting for this opportunity that I’m in now, and I’m going to make the best of it.”

As far as the next step in his basketball career, Lindsey is very aware of his situation. “I have an idea where I want to go, and where I’ll probably end up,” said Lindsey.

I wasn’t going to let him get off that easy so I asked if he could give me a little hint as to what his top choices were. “I just want to go where it’s the best fit for me, my family, and my career,” Lindsey confidently said. With a quiet laugh he added, “I think you have an idea of where that might be.”

Another recruit could be looming for Steve Lavin and the Red Storm with the hints that Lindsey has laid out. The JUCO guard doesn’t know when he will make his decision and says he is taking his time. “I don’t know when I’ll commit to anywhere,” said Lindsey. “I’m just trying to be patient and make sure wherever I commit is the best place for me.”

Nurideen Lindsey could be another one of the pieces to the puzzle for St. John’s. As Coach Lavin is “building his ark” as he likes to say, you have to wonder if Lindsey will join Maurice Harkless and JaKarr Sampson along for the ride.


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